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Co-Pilot 2-Channel, 2 Axis Flight Stabilization SystemMajor FeaturesUtilizes Patented IR Technology to detect the temperature difference between the earth and the sky allowing a model aircraft to stabilized about the pitch and roll axes to attain a level flight attitude by simply centering the transmitter control stick(s)Capable of recovering a model from any attitude to level flight in less than 1 secondIR thermopile sensors see several square miles of area. The average profile means relatively small objects such as a clump or trees or a house have little impact on Co Pilot operationFantastic training tool for new pilotsCan be enabled/disabled by remote auxiliary control; a proportional knob or slider for reducing Co Pilot sensitivity, or a 2 position switch to be used as a panic” or “bailout” switchOperates on any R/C aircraft configuration requiring no more than 2 radio channels to control pitch and roll attitude10’s of thousands of units sold to happy customers around the worldSmall, light, and simple to install. Total system weight including main sensor, computer module, and programming switch weigh less than 1 oz.Affordable – Co Pilot CPD4 will easily pay for itself on the first potential crash it avertsCreates a proven, low-stress environment for learning to fly R/C aircraft of all typesExcellent tool for the advanced pilot who wishes to practice new maneuvers or move up to larger, more powerful aircraftOperates with any brand, type, or frequency radio systemCPD4 is for outdoor use only, but will operate properly in most weather conditions. Exceptions would be during periods of precipitation or heavy overcast conditionsSupports daily, manual field calibration that checks the area for level conditions and perfoms a weather quality check. Weather condition is reported to the pilot using a series of (1 to 10) servo control pulses. Pilot may elect to fly using Co Pilot if the count is greater than 1.Other FeaturesComprehensive User Manual available for download includes detailed installation and setup instructions for fixed wing, helicopters, and flying wing aircraft typesSystem includes everything required in one box – main sensor, computer, flat-ribbon interconnect cable, programming switch, mounting accessories*Sensitivity control allows for pilots to strike a good balance between recovery speed and the amount of control Co Pilot has over the aircraftPlease note: Co Pilot CPD4 will operate with any brand, type, or frequency radio system including 2.4 GHz systems. In certain cases, it may cause servo jitter or “hunting” when used in combination with very-high-speed digital servos. When interfacing Co Pilot CPD4 to a PCM or certain 2.4 GHz radio systems, the 605SB Servo Buffer is usually required. Instructions for how to install the 605SB in a CPD4 installation are detailed in the CPD4 User Manual. This additional device is required for any radio system that outputs servo pulses in parallel; meaning the timing of each of the PPM outputs to the servos are not staggered. All Futaba PCM radios work this way. The 605SB creates a slight delay so that the pitch and roll servo outputs do not reach the CPD4 computer at precisely the same time.”