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GF60i2 Inline Twin Cylinder 60cc (3.66CI) 4-stroke gasoline engine.

For model weights of 12-16kg and compact design the engine is especially suited to RC scale aircraft and would suit 50CC 2 Stroke models that would be better with a nicer sound as well as superior torque than the 2 stroke engines. A simplified, more compact and quieter exhaust system compared to the 2 stroke gas engines is also a big advantage of this inline 4 stroke.

GF60i2 uses 2 – CM6 spark plugs and it is equipped with a universal exhaust muffler for smoother more realistic sound and more power.

NGH Engines are gaining a well-deserved reputation for performance and value. The ongoing development from NGH makes these some of the best on the market today. The NGH GF60i2 is a solid performer with plenty of power and excellent reliability.

Known for building quality gas engines that offer light weight, power and reliability at a very affordable price. They are manufactured and designed from scratch for model aircraft, they are not modified chainsaw or similar types of engines that have been in the past, they are purpose made.

The exhaust has two outlets (moveable to suit installation). Rear Stand-Off Mounts provide a flexible mounting solution.

The Walbro pump carburettor makes it easy for engine adjustment and consistent performance irrespective of the fuel tank location or aircraft attitude.

The connecting rod and piston pin have the superior needle bearings fitted unlike the normal plain bearings fitted to most model engines. This improves the lubrication of the crank pin and the piston pins.

The multi-channel circulation system improves the engine lubrication and unique double piston ring layout, with one lubricating ring and one sealing ring improves the performance and long term reliability.

The unique 90 degree crank angle firing pattern and double cam mechanism effectively reduces vibration and improves reliability.

The cylinder liner is separate to the outer cylinder and is made from wear-resistant nodular cast iron which provides a higher machining tolerance than the usual chrome plated alloy cylinders as well as providing better thermal qualities.

Tired of ugly chain saw conversion model airplane engines shaking your model to death? Install this gorgeous sounding gasser and you’ll have a lightweight, smooth, and powerful engine you’ll be proud to show off this smooth running and powerful 60cc twin. This super reliable engine is great with a low idle due to the CDI spark plug ignition instead of glow plugs. Perfectly suited for propellers ranging from 20×10,22×8-10,to 23×8. All you need to add is battery for the included ignition module (4-cell NiCd/NiMh – sold separately),


GF60i2 features
  • Excellent reliability, hi torque output and very low vibration due to its design and firing sequence.
  • Low fuel consumption, low noise, long wearing and a power to weight ratio greater than 2
  • Suitable for long-endurance UAV and RC aircraft
  • Universal exhaust silencer by NGH, realistic exhaust note and low sound levels.
  • Walbro carburetor for reliability and  simplified tank installations.
  • Precision forged connecting rod with needle bearings as standard.
  • RCEXL Ignition with automatic advancing system, especially made for NGH.
  • High-quality bearings throughout.


Technical Specifications
  • Displacement: 59.82cc
  • Bore: 36mm
  • Stroke: 36mm
  • Practical speed range: 1200-7500rpm
  • Output power: 6.3HP / 8000rpm
  • Engine weight: 2800g
  • Exhaust pipe weight: 10g
  • Ignition box Weight: 130g
  • Ignition Power: DC 4.8V – 8.4V 1000mAh
  • Recommended propeller: 20×10, 22×8-10, 23×8  (two blade)
  • Fuel: 92 # unleaded petrol + Cool Power fully synthetic lubricants.
  • Lubrication ratio: Gasoline: Lubricant = 35: 1

GF60i2 Manual

GF60i2 Exploded Parts List
GF60i2 Exploded Parts List

















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