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R8249 Locomotive DecoderThe R8249 NMRA Certificated decoder is capable of ‘picking up’ the control signals from the ‘Select’ and the ‘Elite’ or any other digital system and converting them into actions which includes moving forward and reversing at a determined speed, stopping and starting and in some instances if fitted, switching the locomotive’s lights on and off. The Hornby R8249 decoder is also capable of keeping the locomotive running at a set speed no matter what gradients the model encounters.Many newly designed locomotives have a socket positioned internally to accommodate the decoder, however, some do not and the basic instructions are included with the ‘Select’ as well as the ‘Elite’ and go someway to illustrate how to fit the decoder to those locomotives that do not have a decoder socket.Load compensation (Back EMF):Locomotive will run at a consistent speed either on the “flat” or on gradients.Adjustable acceleration and deceleration.Selectable for operation with 14, 28 or 128 speed steps:The greater the number of speed steps the smoother the acceleration.All Hornby decoders are factory set at 128 steps.Four On/Off function outputs:Two of the function outputs are dedicated for the direction of lights – front and rear.Overload cutout:The Hornby decoder is rated at a 500mA continuous current and 1 Amp for a short period. Should this be exceeded then the decoder will overload and cut out.This action protects not only damage to the decoder but also the locomotive.Analogue operation:Locomotives fitted with a Hornby decoder can be operated on an analogue system but without the benefits of digital control. (Not Recommended)Dimensions:17mm x 10mm x 3.5mm

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