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AIRPLANE Information Table

RC World product configuration table (c) 2020

Type Extreme 3D
Wingspan 1.92m
Length 1.9m
Chanels 5ch
Power setup Petrol/Glow/Electric
Weight Kit Weight 2.2kg
Wing loading  

  The Krill Thunder 3D is a highly specialised and purposely built model for 3D flying. This model was designed especially for the 2009 World Air Games in which F6A Artistic Aerobatics has been introduced. Artistic Aerobatic aircraft must conform to similar constraints as F3A models, yet have the flexibility to perform a wider and more varied range of manoeuvres, including 3D type. The Thunder 3D upholds Krill’s reputation for producing the best RC aerobatic aircraft in the world. This model is at the cutting edge of technology and flying capability, designed to be flown at the top level by world class pilots. The Thunder 3D flies as accurately as a F3A plane, able to perform any pattern arresti with the utmost precision. However, flick the rate switches to high and those large control surfaces enable this model to 3D better than a large IMAC machine. The Thunder 3D will tumble, flat spin and harrier like nothing else available. This really is the ultimate all round aerobatic plane and a must have for Artistic Aerobatics.Like all Krill aircraft, the Thunder 3D uses the latest composite construction and moulding techniques to ensure a stiff and strong airframe for minimum weight. The designers of Krill aircraft have put a huge effort into this new wing section, tuning the model to have the desired pattern and 3D flight characteristics. Note the steps in the leading edge of the wing that increase the wing area near the tips; this is to ensure stability in high alpha manoeuvrers while remaining nimble to control.As many aerobatic pilots have their own preferred model setups, the Thunder 3D allows the user to more finely design their hardware layouts. This model will accommodate a wide range of engines, electric or glow. Additionally, Krill have design a battery tray that changes the models center of gravity during flight. This innovative creation increases the Thunder 3Ds ability to change from a docile pattern model to an all out extreme 3D machine!
 Full composite; fuselage, cowl, rudder, elevators, wings, canopy, landing gear and wheel pants.CNC engine mount with screws and boltsCNC fibreglass control hornsCarbon fibre wing tubeAll components painted in edgy stand out colour schemes
 Motor: AXI 5320/18 Speed controller:JETI SPIN 99Battery:Lipo 6s 4400mAh Propeller: APC 20x8E #5435Motor:HACKER A60-22SSpeed controller:Master SPIN 99Battery:Lipo 10s, 3700mAh Propeller:APC 20x10E # 5421Motor:Plettenberg Xtra 25-12 Evo Speed controller:JETI SPIN 99Battery:Lipo 10s 3700mAhPropeller: APC 20x10E # 5421Motor:Plettenberg Extra 30-10 OutrunnerSpeed controller:Schultz Future 30.8 ESCBattery:10S LiPo 4000mAh up to 5000mAhPropeller:21×13 Prop – Optional Thrust vectoring system with folding Propellers.
  Motor:YS DZ160Propeller:APC 16.5×12 Pattern #7943Header:Hatori 822 #17811Muffler: Hatori 821 #17810Motor:YS DZ170 CDi #19176Propeller:APC 18×12 Pattern #3664Header:Hatori 822 #17811Muffler: Hatori 821 #17810Motor:Moki 180Propeller:Xoar 18×8 laminate wood #19991Muffler:Bisson pitts styleMotor:Moki 210 Propeller:Xoar 20×8 laminate wood #19995Muffler:Bisson pitts style

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3D, ARF (almost ready to fly)