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The Smart-Fly regulator is a linear voltage regulator designed specifically for the demands of larger aircraft. Linear regulators operate in a noise-free way so they do not interfere with the radio in any way. The regulator will provide an adjustable output from approximately 5.2 to 6.7 volts. The regulator is rated a continuous 5 amps for an input of 8.4volts and an output of 6.0 volts, with surge currents to 9A. The Regulator will accept an input voltage of up to 13 volts. The continuous current rating will vary depending on the input to output voltage range (which can be computed by Amps = 12/(Vin-Volt)).The silver metal object you see in the photo below of the Regulator is the regulator heat sink that dissipates the heat the regulator generates to keep the output voltage regulated. The heat, in watts, that a linear regulator generates can be calculated by Watts = Amps*(Vin-Volt). For 5 amps out and a battery voltage of 8.4 volts and an output voltage of 6.0 volts this is equal to 12 watts, which is quite a bit of heat. Without a heat sink to keep the regulator at a temperature below the rated maximum temperature the regulator will fail due over heating.One feature than makes the Smart-Fly Regulator different from our competitors is our large output capacitors. What these do is store charge for use when the load changes suddenly. Without large output capacitors the output voltage would drop when the servos suddenly demand more current.Another feature that makes the Smart-Fly Regulator different is the way the voltage is adjusted. The output voltage is adjusted by an integrated circuit instead of a mechanical potentiometer. What this means is there is no possibility of the output voltage changing due to vibration. The voltage is changed by a simple procedure of shorting two pins together momentarily to increase or decrease the output voltage.

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